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Tourist Board Val Casies-Monguelfo-Tesido
39030 Monguelfo-Tesido/Tesido (Italy)
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This wayside shrine is a beautiful and slender “tabernacle” with a pyramid-shaped roof. The four niches contain a cycle of paintings including the Madonna with the infant Jesus, Catherine and Margaret, the Mount of Olives, Wolfgang and Martin, a scene of the ascent to Calvary, Andrew and Leonard, the Crucifixion and the patron saints of the Taisten church, Ingenuin and Albuin. The frescoes are attributed to the Bruneck School of Painting (around 1460).

The wayside shrine is located in the centre of the village of Tesido.

Arrival by public transport

From Monguelfo:

  • By regional train (no. 400) to Monguelfo/Welsberg.
  • From Monguelfo by bus (no. 441) or Citybus (no. 438) to the bus stop: Tesido/Raika.

From Tesido and the Val Casies Valley:

  • By bus (no. 441) to the bus stop: Tesido/Raika.

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