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S. Oswaldo
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St. Oswald Church
St. Oswald
39040 St. Oswald/Kastelruth (Italy)
Tel.: +39 0471 706380
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Church at S. Oswaldo

South-west of Kastelruth, below the Laranzer Forest, lies the hamlet of St Oswald, named after the patron saint of its church. The landmark of the church´s high tower can be seen from a great distance. The church is mentioned for the first time in a historical document from 1234, which was produced on the occasion of an exchange of estates between the Benedictine monastery at Georgenberg and Count Albert III of Tyrol. However, it had probably already been built in the 11th c. One piece of evidence for this is the choice of its patron saint, because the cult of St Oswald of North Umbria spread through Europe before and during the period of the Crusades.
Directions: By car, drive from Kastelruth in the direction of Seis am Schlern. From the center in Seis drive in the direction of S. Oswald. The church is located in the center.
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