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Soprabolzano-Collalbo - Renon
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Via Paese/ Dorfstrasse 5
39054 Collalbo - Renon/Klobenstein - Ritten (Italy)
Tel.: +39 0471 356100
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Railway Renon

The narrow-gauge railway: The Renon railway was opened on 13th August 1907. For the first time it was possible to cover the just under 1,000 m difference in altitude from Bolzano up to the Renon effortlessly. Quick, reliable and not subject to changes in weather the modern railway carried not only passengers but also goods up to the Renon. Up until the 1960s the rack and pinion railway was the lifeline of the Renon. Today all year round it joins up the localities of Soprabolzano, Costalovara, Stella Renon and Collalbo. In order to cope with the requirements of the “Südtirol Takt” (regular-interval timetable), the rolling stock has been extended. The course is set for the future. The Renon railway is one of South Tyrol’s treasures. It is an important public means of transport, a sought-after excursion railway and a technical railway rarity passengers have become fond of and that will also bring a lot of pleasure in the future to those who have taken it to their hearts.

The cablecar Renon starts in 39100 Bolzano, Via Renon 12, every 4 minutes and in only 12 minutes you arrive to Soprabolzano. There starts every half hour the Renon Train and arrives in 18 minuts to Collalbo.

Rittnerbahn und Sommerfrische
Am 13. August 1907 wurde die damals modernste Zahnradbahn der Welt eröffnet. Eine erlesene Gesellschaft genoss die Fahrt vom Bozner Waltherplatz auf den Ritten.... Heute noch verkehrt die Rittnerbahn zwischen Maria Himmelfahrt-Oberbozen-Klobenstein.
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