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Badia Tourist Office
Str. Pedraces 29/A
39036 Badia (Italy)
Tel.: +39 0471 839695
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Difficulty easy
Route length 7,5 km
Duration 2 h 30 m
Ascent 357 m
Descent 357 m
Altitude 1629 m 1327 m
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The trail between Runch and the Lech Dlá Lunch lake is closed for maintenance work aimed to safeguard our woods.

Walk in an unspoilt landscape, through thick woods and deep green meadows under the walls of the  Gherdenacia plateau. The trail brings you from Badia to the idyllic Lech Dlá Lunch and Lech da Sompunt lakes, shimmering emerald green.

From the bus stop in Badia, follow the directions for “Tru di lec“ and walk uphill until you reach the Hotel Gran Ander. Here, turn right and pass the Runch farm until you come to the wood’s edge. Follow a forest road which snakes through the wood, coming out at the junction for the Lech da Sompunt lake, where in some minutes, you will be at the Lech Dlá Lunch lake (1537 m) (50 min.). Back to the junction, proceed for the Lech da Sompunt lake (1 h 10 min.) on some ups and downs, until reaching the junction with trail nr. 1, leading from Badia to Puez. From here, you can choose to descend eastwards directly to the Lech da Sompunt lake (trail nr. 10A) or to continue on the “Tru di lec”, climbing up to the Col da Ciaminades hill then take the downhill road until you come to a clearing. Here, leave the forest road and take the path which leads to the idyllic Lech da Sompunt lake (1450 m). To return to Badia, go downhill passing the Paracia and Ciaminades farms.

Follow the SS244 Val Badia road towards Badia.

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