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St. Jakob
Churches, chapels, religious centres
Runggatscher Paul
S. Giacomo/St. Jakob 13
39040 Villnöss valley (Italy)
Tel.: +39 335 5377735
  Roter Hahn email Church St. Jakob am Joch (12th century) (bba800fce27e03e440d1c3f7be75db97)
  Roter Hahn homepage Church St. Jakob am Joch (12th century) (bba800fce27e03e440d1c3f7be75db97)
Free entrance

The St. James Church is located near the pre-Christian burnt offering site of Tschaufis. The walls of the nave date back to the 12th century and the bell tower was built in Gothic style. The gothic winged altarpiece from 1517 is the most precious piece of the church.

Through the Eisacktal/Valle Isarco valley to Klausen/Chiusa; turn into Villnöss/Funes valley and drive to St. Peter/Pitzack, where you turn left and follow the street signs for St. Jakob.

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