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Favourite Winter hike in the Ridnauntal Valley f1db990418043654f9f02930597216c0
Val Ridanna/Ridnauntal
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  Roter Hahn homepage Winter hike in the Ridnauntal Valley (f1db990418043654f9f02930597216c0)
Difficulty easy
Route length 7,677 km
Duration 2 h 30 m
Ascent 268 m
Descent 268 m
Altitude 1425 m 1316 m
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From the Kulturhaus in Ridnaun (approx. 1370 m, here parking), on the well signposted, not missable and paved Erzweg (signs "Obere Erzstraße") mostly through forest slopes in level walk talein to Maiern (guest houses) and shortly further talein (if the the last part of the eruption is no longer paved, to the valley road) to the former ore processing at the end of the valley (1417 m). There you will be on the road bridge over the Talbach, on the other side of the valley through the sunny meadows of Weiler to Weiler valley (not far from the path the little church of St. Lorenzen, the Pfitscherhof frescoes and the gothic marble portal) , across the bridge, on the road, and briefly up to the church of Ridnaun and back to the starting point.

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