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Freunde der Schrägbahn
Via Venosta 65
39023 Lasa (Italy)
Tel.: +39 0473 626574
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Free entrance

Even today, the custom-manufactured railway built for the special environment of the Stelvio National Park transports the heavy marble blocks over four sections almost automatically down into the valley.

The marble-transporting train has been operated in the same original state since 1930 and carries the marble from the marble quarry (2,200 m above sea level) to the valley. With the Lasa sloped railway, it is possible to transport a 40-ton load at a speed of 1m/sec in 16 minutes in to the valley. To date, this type of transport is the most environmentally-friendly method of transportation of marble thusfar. During the marble hikes, interested guests can also visit the unique inclined railway.

From Reschen or Merano to Laas.

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