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The Holy Grave Chapel in Barbiano/Barbian e49689f66c3d7049fbde50601df8cbae
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Pfarrei zum hl. Apostel Jakobus dem Älteren
Dorf /Paese 19
39040 Barbian/Barbiano (Italy)
Tel.: +39 0471 650127
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Free entrance

The Holy Grave chapel is situated just below the road, which connects Waidbruck to Barbian, just near the Wohlaufhof (farmhouse). The chapel has a very simple baroque altar. This little chapel was probably built during the 17th century in connection with a crusade. This impression is strengthened by three road crosses, which can be found in the surrounding area. In 1701, the chapel underwent a renovation paid for by Mr. Leiter, the post master of Kollmann and was cleaned up again in 1983. Ask for the key from the nearby „Wohlaufhof“, tel. 0471 654 024

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