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The church of St. Ingenuin and Albuin in Saubach cc4d6269005c7b2e870c72db4e40babf
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Pfarrei zum hl. Apostel Jakobus dem Älteren
Dorf /Paese 19
39040 Barbian/Barbiano (Italy)
Tel.: +39 0471 650127
  Roter Hahn email The church of St. Ingenuin and Albuin in Saubach (cc4d6269005c7b2e870c72db4e40babf)
  Roter Hahn homepage The church of St. Ingenuin and Albuin in Saubach (cc4d6269005c7b2e870c72db4e40babf)
Free entrance

The patrons of the Saubach parish church are St. Ingenuin and St. Albuin. The church was first mentioned in 1398. However, the choice of patrons concludes that the church is much older. Today this olt, gothic church is an attraction for many art lovers. It was built during the 15th Century. The consecration of the altars took place in 1502. When you go inside of the church on the porphyry portal with its pointed arch, you will immediately be impressed by the delicate rips of the net-like vault, the four custom-made windows and the three wing altars. In 1925, a fire did substantial damage the church, but with the help of donations from all around the country, the helmet-like tower and the roof could be renewed. Information about opening times at the Barbiano Tourist Information Office, +39 0471 654411,
The keys are available in the Tschörlerhof, (+39 0471 654032, in the morning) and in the Gasthof Saubacherhof (+39 0471 654344, in the afternoon,) or by telephone arrangement.

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