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From the centre of Mölten/Meltina taking the trail
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Tourist office Mölten/Meltina
Möltnerstraße/Via Möltner 1
39010 Mölten/Meltina (Italy)
Tel.: +39 0471 668282
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Free entrance
The church is opened throughout the entire year. If the church happens to be closed momentarily you may ask the restaurant near the church to receive the key.
09:00 - 19:00

The St. Ulrich-Kirchlein in Gschleier gives hikers a beautiful view over the surrounding mountains. The originally very simple Romanesque construction was rebuilt in 1859. The altarpiece of the holy Bishop Ulrich was painted by the painter Psenner from Ums.

At St. Ulrich-chapel in Gschleier the hiker enjoys a magnificent view of the surrounding mountain world. The original simple Romanesque building was renovated in 1859. The altarpiece with Bishop Ulrich was painted by artist Psenner from Ums.

Starting from the centre of Meltina/Mölten you take the hiking trail no. 13 until you reach the bus stop Hohlweg. There you cross the hiking trail no. 15B, which one you will hiking along to reach the church of St. Ulrich and the restaurant St. Ulrich right next to the small church.

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