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Monuments, natural monuments
Association of tourism Marlengo
Kirchplatz 5/Piazza chiesa 5
39020 Marling/Marlengo (Italy)
Tel.: +39 0473 447147
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Free entrance

With its typical flora and fauna, the Schwarze Lacke habitat on the Vigiljoch is a life-enhancing part of the landscape. Fish, frogs, newts and various aquatic insects live in the pond. There are also many dragonflies in the habitat.

The Schwarze Lacke habitat is located on Marling's local mountain, the  mountain Vigiljoch/ San Vigilio, and can therefore only be reached on foot. There are different possibilities to rech the habitat: above the Eggerhöfe or Almboden (Töll/Tel/ and Quadrat/Quadrato) or with the cable car Vigiljoch/Monte San Viglio first up and then ont the trail no. 7 to the black lacquer.

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