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Saint Martin’s church
Alla Chiesa
39017 Scena/Schenna (Italy)
Tel.: +39 0473 945669
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Free entrance

The church was built during the 12th Century and is the oldest monument in Scena. It was constructed according to the Carolingian measurements, has two naves with one round apses each and two central octagon pillars. Previously, in both apses, there was an altar, one of which was consecrated to Saint Martin. For safety reasons, this late-Gothic altar, originating from the 16th Century, was transferred into the old parish church. After a number of small changes, the church received its current shape in 1922, as the Italian Department for Monuments intended to put an emphasis on the Roman monuments in South Tyrol. Today, the church is used as a commemoration chapel for the dead.

From Merano direction Scena/Schenna center.

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