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Ruin of St. Valentine 715b5d735845ddf0a4fdc96c62282956
Below the small fraction Salonetto/Schlaneid
Raised hides
St. Valentine's ruin in Salonetto/Schlaneid
Via Möltner/ Möltnerstraße 1
39010 Meltina/Mölten (Italy)
Tel.: +39 0471 668282
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Free entrance
The ruin is opened throughout the whole year.
08:00 - 20:00

The ruin of St. Valentine was the precurser of today's church in Salonetto/Schlaneid. The wooden church was build in the 8th century, but was replaced by a stone church just one century later. In the following 1000 years the church was architecturally changed multiple times, and completely renewed in 1770, when the church was replaced by a new one in the village center.

From Munich in approximately 3,5 hours via the motorway (Rosenheim-Kufstein-Innsbruck-Brenner) until you come to the motorway exit Bozen Süd, you take the carriage way Meran-Bozen, to reach the villages Terlan take the second exit, from Terlan take the mountain road to Mölten/Schlaneid. The old ruin of St. Valentine is located below the centre of the village in a small woodline.

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