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St. Pauls | Eppan
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Parish Church St. Pauls
Piazza di San Paolo/Paulser Platz
39057 S. Paolo/Appiano/St. Pauls-Eppan (Italy)
Tel.: +39 0471 662206
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Churche of St. Pauls
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Without bigger difficulties one can recognise that this municipality matured after the parochial foundation of Eppan about 1147 to the richest Pfarre of South Tirol with headquarter in St Paul. She was fine so well-to-do on account of many noble inhabitants of this area who, as it was a custom, of course supported the church. After 1786 it was divided the Pfarre for the first time into Girlan (Girlan, Schreckbichl and Frangart) and St Paul (St Paul, Saint Michael, Montiggl, mountain, Missian, untermargin, Perdonig and Gaid). In 1921 this happened next time: The principal place of the municipality - Saint Michael - was appointed with Montiggl, Gand, Pigeno and southern half by Eppan/mountain to the new Pfarre Saint Michael. On account of the plentiful financial possibilities one began in 1484 with the construction of an especially nice church. The magnitudes of the untercatch were extensive, it lasted therefore also till 1533, until the church was ready. The tower, 86 m high, experienced his own history within the scope of the construction work. From the late 15th century up to the middle of the 17th century there lasted his construction. For this reason he also unites two architectural styles: While Under - and middle section are held in the Gothic style, the end with the onion dome visible far away in baroque kind forms. In his inside there are nine bells, the heaviest one of it weighs 5 tonnes and sounds in deep A. You pleasantly voluminous sound remind us of the fact that this "instrument of God" second largest is in the country. A solar clock from 1718, Funeraldenkmäler of the noble Firmian, Khuen, Thun, rests of Late-Gothic Seccomalereien... There is a lot to see at this place! Something else: The church of St Paul is the only church far and wide which is consecrated only to Holy Paulus. This is not so natural at all, because Paulus is always called in connection with Holy Peter...

By car:

The A 22 Brenner toll motorway is the most direct route into the south of South Tyrol holiday region. Exit at Bolzano South (Sud) and take the MEBO dual carriageway in the direction of Merano/Meran as far as the exit for Appiano/Eppan. Follow the signs to San Paolo.

By rail/ bus:

All trains travelling the Brenner route stop at Bolzano. Exit the station, turn left and the bus station is on the opposite side of the road. There are regular bus services to San Paolo.

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