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Hafling - Vöran - Meran 2000 Information Office
St. Kathreinstraße 2B
39010 Hafling/Avelengo (Italy)
Tel.: +39 0473 279457
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The Parish Church of Vöran/Verano, which is dedicated to Saint Nicholas, is one of the oldest churches on the Tschögglberg high plateau. The church was first documented as far back as 1330.

The walls of the nave date from that time as well. Towards the end of the fifteenth century, the apse was redone in the Gothic style, the nave fitted with two pointed arched doors, and the tower built. During the baroque period, the nave was supplemented with flat-arched windows and a barrel vault; a side chapel was also added. Frescoes depicting the Coronation of the Virgin are interesting from a historical and art-historical perspective, but are not preserved in their entirety.

With the car: Coming from both directions of the freeway Meran/Merano - Bolzano/Bozen (MEBO), take the exit of Meran Süd/Merano Sud and follow directions towards Meran first, to then turn right towards Hafling/Avelengo, follow the street to Vöran/Verano – the parking place is near the parish church in the centre.

With the funicular: Coming from both directions of the freeway Meran - Bozen (MEBO), take the exit of Lana Süd/Lana Sud and follow directions towards Burgstall/Postal. Follow Romstraße/Via Roma for about 1.5km.

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