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Parish Church “Maria Himmelfahrt” bbc718f4812d9578b85ecc071dd99030
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Association of tourism Marlengo
Kirchplatz 5/Piazza chiesa 5
39020 Marling/Marlengo (Italy)
Tel.: +39 0473 447147
  Roter Hahn email Parish Church “Maria Himmelfahrt” (bbc718f4812d9578b85ecc071dd99030)
  Roter Hahn homepage Parish Church “Maria Himmelfahrt” (bbc718f4812d9578b85ecc071dd99030)
Free entrance

This church was first mentioned as long ago as 1166. It was rebuilt in 1251 and extended in around 1480, when the bell tower was built, of which after a fire only the lower saddle roof has been preserved. Today part of the old church serves as a chapel, and part as a vestry. The large bell, Annamaria, which weighs 3,163 kg and dates from 1847, is noteworthy. The new Pfarrkirche Maria Himmelfahrt parish church was consecrated in 1901. This neo Gothic place of worship with three naves was built to plans by the Viennese architect, Anton Weber. The main altar, the mosaic, side altars, wooden sculptures and four reliefs in the chancel are all worth seeing. 2002 saw the restoration of the pneumatic organ built by Josef Behmann in 1911, which is a protected monument. The sound of the church bells ringing even inspired Franz Liszt to compose “Ihr Glocken von Marling” (Bells of Marling). There is a replica of Marling parish church in Selsley, England.

From Meran/Merano or the valley Vinschgau/Val Venosta into the centre of Marling/Marlengo.

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