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Meditation im Erlebnis Kränzelhof - 7 Gärten 5ed74f376c7d7bbc2cf449d8135b8f88
Erlebnis Kränzelhof Tscherms
Gampenstr. 1
39010 Tscherms/Cermes (Italy)
Tel.: +39 0473 564 549
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Free entrance

Pausa for a while, experience the moment mindfully, be touched by the enigma of life. The Labyrinth Garden is wonderfully suited to trying out different forms of meditation.

Full moon meditation on summer nights

Fr 05.06.20 | Su 05.07.20 | Mo 03.08.20 | We 02.09.2020

Meeting point: 9 p.m. at the entrance to the garden (duration approx. 1 hr) 

Cost 15,00 Euro per person

Information & prenotation: Mobil +39 348 385 5706

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