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Montiggl | Eppan
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Rathausplatz 1
39057 St. Michael | Eppan (Italy)
Tel.: + 39 0471 662206
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Free entrance

Imbedded between forest and hills scenery on 514 meters above sea level, small Montiggl Lake is located. A lot of different walking paths bring you to the lake. With the car you can park at the big Montiggl Lake or at the supercenter Rungg.

The small Montiggl Lake has a shoreline of 890 meters and is only about 5 hectares big. Therefore it is a lot smaller then its “bigger brother”, but a lot deeper with a maximum depth of almost 15 meters.

According to analyses the lake has very good data regarding the water quality and is therefore one of South Tyroles most popular swimming lake. It is not directly accessible by car, therefore it's more known for its relaxation and for enjoying the nature. One part of the lake has a grassed area and a small snack bar. Around small Montiggl Lake there is a walking path, along which you can find nice and cosy spots to relax or swim.

To avoid car park problems, there is a public bus to Montiggl and back in the summertime.

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