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Eislaufplatz Lana
Gaulschlucht Lana
39011 Lana (Italy)
Tel.: +39 347 245 528 0
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Free entrance
Open in winter
01.11 - 28.02

The traditional sport of the Alpine People

Ice stick shooting is as similar to curling, as skittles is to bowling. The technical differences are few, but while the latter have become popular sports around the globe, the former are celebrated in the Alpine countries as old traditions, just like fistfall and skittles.

Aside from the gymnasts and cyclists of Club Edelrot, the 'Eisschützen' (ice stick shooters) are the oldest sports club in Lana. Photographic archives prove that this winter sport has been popular in this area as far back as the late 18 hundreds, when the 'Fasslbinder' (coopers) from the Unterinntal Valley and the 'Eisenbahner' (railroaders) introduced ice stick shooting here in Lana. The 'Eisschützenverein Lana', which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2008, is therefore one of the oldest ice stick shooter clubs in the country.

The practice location of the ice stick shooters is at the mouth of the Gola Canyon in Oberlana, which still today is the venue for local and regional ice stick shooting tournaments. Periodic meets, tournaments and festivities will ensure that this wonderful tradition will continue on into the future.

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