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Mineral Museum Tiso
Teiser Straße 12
39040 Villnöss/Funes valley (Italy)
Tel.: +39 0472 844522
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Difficulty easy
Route length 8,515 km
Duration 2 h 41 m
Ascent 448 m
Descent 448 m
Altitude 953 m 546 m
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A circular hike between the villages of Teis and Albeins which fascinates with its particular atmosphere at any season.

• Hiking time: 3h • Trail numbers: 11, 4, 9 • From the village centre of Teis (963 m), follow trail no. 11 which initially takes you through the narrow alleys of the “Untergassl” and then across the meadows to the lookout “Nafner Wetterkreuz”. Continue on trail no. 11 to the St. Bartholomew Church of Nafen (760 m) where the medieval funeral path starts shortly before the church to the right side. At the time when Teis was still part of the parish Albeins, the deceased were carried over this path to Albeins to bury them at the cemetary. While hiking on this slightly descending trail, which passes through the forest, you walk by the so-called “Stone of the Dead”, the ice holes and orchards and finally you get to Albeins (580 m). To find the forest road (no. 9) which leads back to Teis, you have to cross the village centre. Hike on the slightly ascending trail no. 9 through the forest and walk past the farm Kasseroler Hof (838 m) where there were found the remains of an ancient settlement. Continue on trail no. 9, cross the stream Schneggenbach and pass by the farm Gufelfelderhof (898 m) to get to the artificial lake “Mesner Låcke“. Follow the narrow asphalted road back to the village centre of Teis.

Through the Eisacktal/Valle Isarco valley to Klausen/Chiusa; turn into Villnöss/Funes valley and drive to Mittermühl. Turn left and continue to Teis. 

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