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Tourist information Lagundo/Algund
Piazza Hans Gamper 3
39022 Lagundo/Algund (Italy)
Tel.: +39 0473 448600
  Roter Hahn email Hiking tour along the Kneipp trail of Lagundo (160b4c1708b0b5de143db0e5edd5112f)
  Roter Hahn homepage Hiking tour along the Kneipp trail of Lagundo (160b4c1708b0b5de143db0e5edd5112f)
Difficulty medium
Route length 10,724 km
Duration 3 h 45 m
Ascent 745 m
Descent 745 m
Altitude 960 m 330 m
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This hike is possible throughout the year

The natural healing method according to Kneipp is based on five pillars: order of life, exercise, nutrition, herbs and water. The order of life can be seen as the foundation on which the other methods are based. Basically, human beings have sufficient bodily defences, but our civilised way of life lacks the natural stimuli and stimulation that challenge and train the immune system. And this is exactly where Kneipp comes in: especially with his water treatments, he forces our body to react and thus regulate itself. However, Kneipp advises moderation - "order lies in moderation" is one of his principles - and careful handling of the water applications, which must be adapted to each individual. This also applies to the "Healthy in Algund" stations: let's listen to our body and feel what is good for us.

This Kneipp hike starts in the centre of Algund/Lagundo and follows trail no. 7 until the Maratscherhof farm where you cross the Alte Landstrasse road and walk towards Oberplars/Plars di Sopra. The route now takes you along the Vellauer Straße road until the Bergerhof farm where you continue on path no. 21 signposted as "Fußweg" that runs through the forest to the church of Vellau/Velloi, a village belonging to the municipality of Algund/Lagundo. Take hiking trail no. 25 to Pirbamegg, then paths no. 26 and 29A that take you to the "Ochsentodweg" trail and finally the Grabbachweg path to return to Algund/Lagundo.

Follow the Kneipp stations: Station                 Position               Topic                    Sign                       Description 29 Dairy in Algund/Lagundo - diet - healthy diet 28 Bench above the dairy -  order of life - living in the present 20 Rossstall mill Oberplars/Plars di Sopra – herbs - change 19 Canal trail / Avidea - movement - liberating run 16 Wiedmairhof farm Oberplars/Plars di Sopra – water - Kneipp energy boost 17 Drinking fountain fire station Oberplars/Plars di Sopra – water - refreshment 18 St. Ulrich church – order of life - zest for life 22 Bench under the chestnut trees Vellau/Velloi – order of life - new energy 23 Herb slope Vellau/Velloi – herbs - scents and colours 24 St. Trinity church Vellau/Velloi – order of life - a natural life 26 Bio Hoferhof farm Vellau/Velloi - diet - versatility 25 Adventure playground Vellau/Velloi - movement - stability 21  Pirbamegger bench – order of life - vastness 32 Blumenthalerhof farm - water - water and herbs 38 Grabbach stream - water - Kneipp bath 2 Bäckerei Tauber bakery - diet - mood food 1 town hall of Algund/Lagundo – water - Kneipp energy boost 3 Tourist office – water - stimulating water

Via the Adige Valley, take the MeBo highway to the Algund exit.
Coming from Vinschgau, Algund is right before Merano.


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