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Reinbach waterfalls

Thrilling Ahrntal valley: Reinbach waterfalls

Reinbach waterfalls
Reinbach waterfalls in Sand in Taufers do not only arouse a sense of awe in visitors, but cause them to fall silent and encourage in them a sense of humility in the face of nature.
The Reinbach stream has its source in Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park and flows into the Ahr river at Sand in Taufers. Anyone looking for a remarkable natural experience will love Reinbach waterfalls. The splashing, murmuring and roaring of the water tumbling down does not just have the power to calm and refresh, but gives the impression that a higher power is at work.

Contemplative routes along the water
A path winds through Reinbach gorge, which is named after St. Francis of Assisi and is meant to show walkers the scale and beauty of nature, as set out in St. Francis of Assisi's Canticle of the Sun. From the district of Bad Winkel in the municipality of Sand in Taufers, you reach a gateway that symbolises entry to the Path of Contemplation. From there, the well-laid woodland trail leads without much effort to the lowest waterfall in a short space of time. This is where the first of the ten Points of Contemplation may be found. The points are based on the thoughts and statements of St. Francis. There are sculptures and written panels along the way referring to 'Sister Water' and 'Brother Fire' inviting walkers to pause and meditate on them.

From Christuskopf to the Chapel of Franz and Klara
Above the smaller lower waterfall, which is around ten metres in height, there is a striking rock that has always been called 'Christuskopf' by the locals thanks to its resemblance to a head. The path to both higher waterfalls, which tumble earthwards for 15 and 50 metres, is not as easy. A good pair of walking boots and even a waterproof cape to protect against spraying water is recommended for this stretch. At the upper Reinbach waterfall, the path leads over a bridge to the other side of the gorge. You can get to the end of the walk on a woodland path from this point: the Chapel of Franz and Klara. This stands on the ruins of Toblburg castle and was thoroughly renovated in 1982, just as it was falling into ruin. It is not just possible to reach it by taking the St. Francis path along the waterfall, but also by the much shorter and easier 'Klaraweg' path. You can stop off along the way for a spot of contemplation at the 'Klara Gartl' garden, which contains a life-size statue of St. Francis.

Farms in the surrounding area

Fam. Moser
Sand in Taufers
Distance 2,8 km
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Fam. Mittermair
Sand in Taufers
Distance 1,6 km
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Biohof Stillwagerhof
Fam. Burgmann
Sand in Taufers
Distance 3,3 km
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Fam. Oberarzbacher
Sand in Taufers
Distance 3,1 km
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Fam. Tasser
Ahrntal / Luttach
Distance 7,5 km
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Fam. Piffrader
Sand in Taufers
Distance 2,1 km
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Fam. Zimmerhofer
Sand in Taufers
Distance 6,6 km
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Fam. Früh
Sand in Taufers
Distance 1,9 km
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Neuhaus Hof
Fam. Weitlaner
Sand in Taufers
Distance 7,3 km
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Fam. Rederlechner
Sand in Taufers
Distance 2,7 km
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Fam. Auer
Sand in Taufers
Distance 1,6 km
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Fam. Steger
Sand in Taufers
Distance 1,3 km
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Kofler zwischen den Wänden
Fam. Hecher
Sand in Taufers
Distance 5 km
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Fam. Oberfrank
Ahrntal / Luttach
Distance 6,5 km
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Fam. Leiter
Ahrntal / Luttach
Distance 8,9 km
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Other farms nearby

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An impressive drama of nature is offered by the three Rio di Riva waterfalls which can be reached starting out from the hamlet of Bad Winkel. The Rio di Riva waterfalls are located in the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Nature Park and offer an impressive view of nature above all else in the summer. Fed by melted snow, the Rio di Riva plunges in three cascades over the rock cliffs into the depths, making it possible for visitors to experience the power of water with all of their senses. 

The St. Francis'Path with the 10 meditational spots lines the path of the Reinbach waterfalls up to the Franziskus and Klara chapel.

Walking time from the starting point "car park Cantuccio/Winkel; Wasserfallbar":
- until the 1st waterfall approx. 20 minutes (40 m altitude difference) (up to the 1st waterfall suitable for baby stroller)
- o until the 2nd waterfall approx. 40 minutes (140 m altitude difference)
- o until the 3st waterfall approx. 55 minutes (170 m altitude difference) (from here return with the Fly-Line possible
- o until the Franziskus and Klara chapel approx. 75 minutes (300 m altitude difference)

Coming from the north:

München – Rosenheim – Kufstein – Innsbruck – Brennerautobahn – exit at Brixen – national road Pustertaler Staatsstraße to Bruneck – turn left into the Ahrntal Valley – Sand in Taufers/ Campo Tures

Coming from the west:

Reschen pass, Bozen, Brixen and national road Pustertaler Staatsstraße to Bruneck – turn left into the Ahrntal Valley - Sand in Taufers/ Campo Tures

Coming from the east:

Motorway Tauernautobahn or Felbertauern tunnel to Lienz and continue on to Innichen -Toblach - Bruneck – turn right into the Ahrntal Valley - Sand in Taufers/ Campo Tures

Coming from the south:

Verona – Trento – Bozen – Motorway Brennerautobahn to the exit at Brixen – national road Pustertaler Staatsstraße Bruneck – turn left into the Ahrntal Valley - Sand in Taufers/ Campo Tures

Hiking @ Tauferer Ahrntal/Valli di Tures e Aurin
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