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Favourite Descent towards Verdins via Videgg and the Streitweider Alm b8072e358da55bb8e51a0bacbe0793dd
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  Roter Hahn email Descent towards Verdins via Videgg and the Streitweider Alm (b8072e358da55bb8e51a0bacbe0793dd)
  Roter Hahn homepage Descent towards Verdins via Videgg and the Streitweider Alm (b8072e358da55bb8e51a0bacbe0793dd)
Difficulty easy
Route length 11,575 km
Duration 4 h
Ascent 777 m
Descent 777 m
Altitude 1549 m 838 m
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The descent from Talle to Verdins, via Videgg and the Streitwelder Alm, lasts approx. 3 hours and is a refreshing change, especially on hot summer days. Even when the weather is changeable, this hike takes a pleasant route which mostly goes through the Verdins forests, offering protection from the elements.

The hike starts at the Verdins-Talle cable car mountain station, taking you on nice, flat terrain until you get to the mountain hamlet of Videgg (path no. 40A, approx. 50 minutes). From there, take a forest path at the foot of the Laste di Verdines mountains at Verdines and Videgg to the fork leading to the Streitwelder Alm (path no. 40). Again, you’ll continue along the well-marked forest path (Hofweg, path no. 19) to Verdins di Sopra and the Gruber-Hof. From there, go down a small road to the Verdins pilgrimage church, which is only minutes away from the cable car valley station. You can then take the bus back to Scena and Merano in comfort.

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