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St. Sisinio
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St. Sisinius' Church
39023 Laas (Italy)
Tel.: +39 0473 626552
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The church can not be visited

The Romanesque St. Sisinius' Church is situated on a plateau above Lasa/Laas, the village of marble in South Tyrol. Its rare choir tower church was built on the ruins of a former building. Skeleton and clay fragments from the Bronze Age even prove the existence of a cult worship place. The hill’s many years of settlement are probably due to its location. Even today, visitors enjoy the wonderful view of the surrounding mountains that extend to the Laaser Ferner glacier.

The church itself was first mentioned in 1290 and is dedicated to the martyr Sisinius, who lived in the Nonsberg area of South Tyrol. Surrounded by a high asylum wall in a Romanesque herringbone pattern, the eastern wall has a Gothic pointed arch gate devoid of a gate wing. The choir is located in the tower, which is covered by a stone tower pyramid. The nave, on the other hand, has two round arched windows, a protruding triumphal arch and a portal made of pure Lasa marble.

The church has no sacral furniture and is closed. Once a year only, just before Easter, it is decorated as an Easter grave for devotion.

On Good Friday and Holy Saturday the Easter tomb is on display in the church.

From Reschen or Meran to Laas.

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