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Tourist office Meltina
Via Meltina 1
39010 Meltina (Italy)
Tel.: +39 0471 668282
  Roter Hahn email A walk through the farms of Meltina (9cd697efbc30edf2961d2b3380783adc)
  Roter Hahn homepage A walk through the farms of Meltina (9cd697efbc30edf2961d2b3380783adc)
Difficulty medium
Route length 7,941 km
Duration 2 h 24 m
Ascent 341 m
Descent 341 m
Altitude 1345 m 1141 m
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This hike starts in the centre of Meltina (1140m). The way leads you outside the village to the "Gmosenhof" (1294m). From here you walk through meadows and woods, to the consecutive small farmyards "Kranzer, Köck, Zinal, Unterkapill, Eggele and Oberstrammer", to finally reach the albergo St. Ulrich (1344m). At St. Ulrich starts the way back to Meltina, passing the steading Pluner, the viller "Gschleier" (1250m) and the old church way through beautiful meadows to a forest belt. By passing the last farmstay, the Wargerhof, you finally reach your starting point, Meltina.

The hike past the traditional farms of Meltina starts in the village center (1140 m).The path leads first to the upper part of the village, past the Gmosenhof and finally to Waldheim (1294 m).The hike goes through meadows and through the forest at the farms Kranzer, Köck, Zinal, Unterkapill, Eggele and Oberstrammer over to the inn St. Ulrich. (1344 m). There the return journey to Mölten begins, past the Plun farm, down to the hamlet of Gschleier (about 1250 m) and then over the old church path through the meadows down to a forest belt. Passing the Wargerhof it goes back to Mölten.

This excursion starts at Meltina, on the hiking trail no. 4, which is followed ba the hiking trail 4A. The last peace will be made on  the roundway St. Ulrich to return finally to your starting point, Meltina, on path no. 15.

If you come by car from Brennero, take the motorway A22 until the exit "Bolzano Sud". Here you can take the highway MeBo in direction to Merano (SS38) until you reach the exit of Terlano. At Terlano begins the mountain road to Meltina. You can also take the MEBO exit of Vilpiano and take the cable car to Salonetto / Meltina.
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